11th May: Covid-19 Update – India’s second wave

With Covid cases in India continuing to rise and distressing headlines in the press, Elisabeth Scott, Chairman of the India Capital Growth Fund, is joined by Gaurav Narain and Camilla Bryden to discuss the recent wave of infections, the market’s reaction and the potential impact on our portfolio companies.

20th April: UK Investor Magazine’s Virtual Conference

David Cornell and Gaurav Narain present on the India Capital Growth Fund at UK Investor Magazine’s virtual conference, discussing the Fund’s recent performance, the impact of Covid in India and the Government’s big push for growth.

Watch the recording here

28th January: India’s turn to shine

Amul Pandya speaks with David Cornell, Managing Director, and Gaurav Narain, Fund Advisor, to examine India’s, and the India Capital Growth Fund portfolio’s, prospects in a post-Covid world.

6th November: Early adopters are focusing on India once again

Structurally under-owned and cyclically abandoned, India is set to deliver a positive shock to investors over the next three years, offering superior returns to investors willing to look beyond an Emerging Market catch-all.

23rd September: ICGF – cutting through the noise

Chairman, Elisabeth Scott, and Fund Adviser, Gaurav Narain, offer an update on performance, portfolio changes, insight on the status of Covid-19 in India, and a broader market outlook.

June 2020: Webinar on the EGM

India Capital Growth Fund’s Chairman, Elisabeth Scott; Ocean Dial’s CIO, David Cornell the Portfolio Adviser, Gaurav Narain spoke to Shareholders ahead of the EGM on Friday 12 June 2020.

April 2020: Ocean Dial in Conversation

Gaurav Narain and Tridib Pathak, Ocean Dial’s co-Heads of Equity, alongside Amul Pandya discuss the current investment environment in India.

Portfolio Update Call

2019 was an eventful year for India which included a national election, a liquidity crunch in the banking system, a botched budget, the biggest tax reform in a generation, and an equity market characterised by divergence and volatility. The investment team at Ocean Dial used this period to re-examine the investible universe and during the call will provide:

– An overview of the portfolio and its repositioning
– A deep dive into some of the Fund’s top holdings and their growth prospects in the coming years
– The team’s outlook for the Indian macro environment and what to look out for in 2020 with regards to investor sentiment

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Interim Results & Portfolio Update Call

We would like to invite you to India Capital Growth Fund’s Interim Results and Portfolio Update Call at 12pm on Wednesday, 11th September. The Portfolio Management Team will provide an update on the portfolio and the latest developments influencing the Indian equity market.

Indian Election: Reading the Tea Leaves – May 2019

On Thursday 13th May, we hosted a conference call with Dr Sandeep Shastri, Psephologist.

Dr Sandeep Shastri is a Political Scientist for the CSDS group, the most respected research institute for Election Studies in India. Dr Shastri has been conducting election studies for over 20 years and has written numerous books and articles on this subject throughout his career. He is associated with several prestigious international research bodies in the field of social sciences and education, and appears frequently on national TV as an election expert and Psephologist.

With just a few weeks to go until the results are announced on 23rd May, Dr Shastri offered a view from the ground, providing insight into key trends and issues in this election.

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Investor Trip to India – November 2018