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CITYWIRE: India trusts still have questions to answer

James Carthew

James Carthew writes “As China has disappointed, largely because of its zero-Covid policy, investors appear to have decided that India is the better bet.”

October 2022

Investors’ Chronicle – Shares I love: PI Industries

Leonora Walters

David Cornell, CIO of Ocean Dial Asset Management, which runs India Capital Growth Fund (IGC), explains why he invests in agrochemical company PI Industries.

September 2022

Interactive Investor: I’m in danger of falling in love with my first 10-bagger

Ian Cowie

While all eyes have been on the UK this week, new data shows India has leapfrogged Britain’s economy. Read what Ian Cowie has to say about it.

September 2022

CityWire: ‘It’s a coming of age moment’: Inside the rise and rise of India’s unicorn firms

India’s tech unicorn market grew by around 30% in 2021, with around 60 firms now boasting a $1bn valuation.

2021 – ‘Small caps the best way to play India’s growth potential’

David Cornell speaks with on the exciting opportunity that exists in India’s small cap market.


Mail on Sunday – Farewell China… say namaste to resurgent India

Jeff Prestridge, Mail on Sunday, examines the ongoing investment opportunity in India in spite of the recent strength of the country’s stock market. He speaks with David Cornell on the factors at play, including government spending and a shift in global sentiment away from China.


Investment Week – ‘Rural resilience’ helped speed Indian equity rebound despite a domestic economy ‘on its knees’

Investment Week looks at how India’s performance year-to-date and considers the factors that have aided its recovery.

November 2020

ShareScope – India Capital Growth Fund

ShareScope takes a closer look at India Capital Growth Fund as it navigates a turnaround in performance

November 2020

AJ Bell Money & Markets – The expert view on investing in India

Speaking on AJ Bell’s Money & Markets podcast, David Cornell discusses the investment opportunities in India (from 26:30 minutes in)

November 2020

Expert Investor – Time your entry into India, say Ocean Dial

Speaking with Expert Investor, David Cornell looks at the ‘mismatch between backward-looking indicators and the likely near term trajectory of the economy’, and the opportunities that this could open up for investors.

November 2019

Investment Week – India under the microscope: A global investor ‘conundrum’

Investment Week continues the Diwali celebrations by taking a closer look at India and what it can offer investors.

October 2019

This is Money – Shine a light on India: Is it time to invest in the fast-growing nation as millions celebrate Diwali this weekend?

Against the festive backdrop of Diwali, This is Money puts the spotlight on India, speaking to David Cornell about the current opportunities there and where he is currently seeing value.

October 2019