About the Company

Our Edge

  1. ODAM is a single country focused manager, investing in listed equities exclusively in India. ODAM has been the Investment Manager to ICGF since its launch in 2005
  2. ODAM is supported by an experienced Investment Advisory Team based in Mumbai who live and breathe Indian equities. We have been together, by and large, since 2010/11.
  3. The Investment Advisory Team operates an established and disciplined investment process which identifies all potential investments and conducts a forensic due diligence process before any investment recommendations are made.
  4. We meet over 250 companies a year and build and monitor our own financial models on all companies under coverage. Our aim is to know and fully understand our underlying portfolio investments better than the competition.
  5. The investment mandate is small and mid-cap, which is where we see the best opportunity to create wealth for our shareholders. This differentiates us from our peer group who generally invest in larger capitalised companies. In addition, the relatively smaller size of the portfolio (in terms of funds under management), allows us to take advantage of a broader set of opportunities. In our view, size is the enemy of performance.
  6. We have a highly active investment process. The flexibility of this “unconstrained” investment approach, combined with a medium to long term outlook, gives us the best opportunity to identify long term winners, buying into these companies ahead of the competition;
  7. The closed-ended structure of the Company ensures we can invest in less liquid opportunities and take a long term approach, unencumbered by fund flows, both in and out.

*Ocean Dial defines small-cap as <US$2bn, mid-cap US$2bn-US$7bn