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Covid-19 Update – India’s second wave

With Covid cases in India continuing to rise and distressing headlines in the press, Elisabeth Scott, Chairman of the India Capital Growth Fund, is joined by Gaurav Narain and Camilla Bryden to discuss the recent wave of infections, the market’s reaction and the potential impact on our portfolio companies.

May 2021

UK Investor Magazine’s Virtual Conference

David Cornell and Gaurav Narain present on the India Capital Growth Fund at UK Investor Magazine’s virtual conference, discussing the Fund’s recent performance, the impact of Covid in India and the Government’s big push for growth.

April 2021

India’s turn to shine

Amul Pandya speaks with David Cornell, Managing Director, and Gaurav Narain, Fund Advisor, to examine India’s, and the India Capital Growth Fund portfolio’s, prospects in a post-Covid world.

January 2021