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WealthBriefing: India’s Investment Power Can’t Be Ignored

Tom Burroughes

Tom Burroughes, Group Editor at Wealth Briefing speaks to Ocean Dial CIO David Cornell about the ‘investment case’ for India and what types of investments should sit in a wealth managers portfolio.

August 2022

WealthBriefing: Why Investors Cannot Ignore India’s Promise

Amanda Cheesley

David Cornell, CIO at Ocean Dial Asset Management, discusses with WealthBriefing why India is a top place in which to invest and why he is optimistic about prospects for firms in the country.

June 2022

QD View: Delhi’s dilemma – navigating the region’s geopolitics

Matthew Read

In this recent article for Quoted Data, Matthew Read discusses how although India inevitably has its challenges, it is one of the world’s largest and most dynamic emerging markets.

May 2022

QuotedData: ‘India Capital Growth – The show must go on’

Jayna Rana

India has attracted a lot of attention over 2021 as it has outperformed even the US, despite suffering from one of the deadliest waves of the COVID-19 pandemic earlier this year. Combined with improved stock selection and its new investment policy, India Capital Growth (IGC) has also seen its performance shine through.

December 2021

WI Daily: Are you brave enough to invest in India?

Lawrence Gosling

In the latest WI Daily, editor-in-chief, Lawrence Gosling looks at the investment case for India and the reasons to be bullish.

November 2021

i news: India Capital Growth Fund may be small but it’s mighty

Investment bank Jefferies recently said that India’s economic cycle suggests conditions are ripe for annual economic growth of between 8 per cent to 9 per cent over coming years


Wealth Briefing – What does India have to offer investors in 2021?

With 2021 just around the corner, David Cornell looks forward to the opportunities that lie ahead, and reflects on what has been a tumultuous year both for India and for the rest of the world.

December 2021

Investment Week – AIC consults on creating China and India sectors

The AIC considers whether to create China and India specific sectors as they continue to be under-represented in the investment company universe.

November 2020

Trustnet – After a difficult Covid-19, could the Indian economy join in the global recovery?

Speaking with Trustnet, David Cornell gives his outlook on the Indian economy and highlights some key growth areas.

November 2020

InvestmentEurope – Ocean Dial appoints co-head of Equity

InvestmentEurope picks up on the news of Ocean Dial Asset Management, manager of ICGF, bolstering their management team with a new co-head of Equity.

October 2019

FE Trustnet – Biggest buying opportunity in India since 2013, says Ocean Dial’s Cornell

Could this be the biggest buying opportunity since 2013? FE Trustnet speaks to David Cornell about timing your entry.

November 2019

FundEye – Has India’s history of high-growth become a hindrance to investment?

Looking closely at India’s prospects for investors, FundEye speaks to David Cornell about the impact of recent reforms and his long-term outlook.

November 2019