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Shore Capital

Shore Capital Stock Brokers Ltd (previously Stockdale Securities Limited) acts as a broker and adviser and provides non-independent research for ICGF

Quality matters

Stock selection will play an increasingly important role in driving equity returns as rates increase in developed economies. The team managing the India Capital Growth Fund (IGC) believes that most companies in the fund’s portfolio are of higher quality than the benchmark index, while trading at similar valuations. The Indian economy is adjusting to two key policy events which slowed earnings growth in several companies over the last year. Earnings are now recovering from these shocks and the team expects companies in the IGC portfolio to realise total growth in EPS of c.58% over the next two financial years. We strongly believe that the long-term growth opportunities offered by India will be best captured by a fund like IGC. Given its historic performance relative to both the benchmark index and its peer group, we recommend that investors buy IGC for its exposure to Indian equity markets

February 2020

On the road with IGC

We spent four days during the middle of March accompanying Ocean Dial, the managers of India Capital Growth Fund on an investor trip to India. The meetings included a broad mix of companies, members of the broking community, the media as well as government officials. While the issue of nonperforming loans within the banking sector is expected to restrain growth from re-accelerating significantly from c.7% figure it stands at, in the short-term the policies being implemented by the BJP government lay the foundation for an acceleration in growth in the future. We continue to recommend that investors buy India Capital Growth Fund (IGC) to capture India’s accelerating growth.

April 2017

Short-term pain, long-term gain

We spoke to David Cornell, CIO of Ocean Dial Asset Management about the demonetization drive in India. This is reform on a large scale and will inevitably cause short-term pain. It remains to be seen what the impact of a probable short-term decline in GDP will have on the support for this measure. However, one should not underestimate the potential benefits of this move. This is a major reform and if successful holds the prospect for a significant positive rerating of India’s long-term growth potential. We continue to recommend that investors buy India Capital Growth Fund (IGC).

December 2016

Marten & Co.

Marten & Co Ltd provides non-independent research for ICGF

Discounted Value

India Capital Growth (IGC)’s portfolio was trading at just 12x FY21 earnings at the end of August. The manager says that when it last hit that level, in August 2013, IGC delivered a 197% return in sterling over the following three years. Stocks have begun to rebound but there could be much more to go for and there is scope for IGC’s discount to narrow further.

October 2019

A return to earnings growth

Earnings figures for the companies in India Capital Growth (IGC)’s portfolio are on an upward trajectory as India puts the disruptive effects of demonetisation and the introduction of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) behind it. Rising oil prices may be a headwind but India’s domestically focused economy should be relatively sheltered from a global trade war. Gaurav Narain, investment adviser to IGC, thinks we could see companies in his portfolio reporting average earnings growth of at least 20% per annum for the 2019 and 2020 fiscal years.

June 2018

Moving to the main board

India Capital Growth (IGC) moved to the premium listing segment of the London Stock Exchange’s main market on 24 January 2018. The board considers that this market is more appropriate for IGC’s size and maturity, and provides a more fitting platform for its growth ambitions. It also believes that the move allows IGC to access an expanded investor audience, putting it on a par with its immediate peers, and that it will benefit from enhanced liquidity, and potentially an improved rating, building on last year’s narrowing discount.

January 2018