The Listening Room

Beyond 1-on-1 meetings, we host regular webinars to allow investors to question us on our portfolios and views on the broader universe.

The Listening Room

Vox Markets Fund Manager Series: Gaurav Narain of the India Capital Growth Fund

In this masterclass of investing, Gaurav Narain of River Global who runs the India Capital Growth fund takes Vox Markets through 15 stock ideas including:

Differences & attractions of investing in India, Outlook for Indian earnings & equities, Financial sector, Consumer, Infrastructure & Industrialisation and much more

December 2023

HOODinar: Fund update with Gaurav Narain

Catch up with India Capital Growth’s Gaurav Narain as he takes us through the India Capital Growth Fund, it’s background, philosophy and investment strategies.

December 2023

Citywire Big Broadcast: Why India is stacked with growth

India has augmented it’s demographic advantages with a breathtaking digitalisation programme that has paved the way for growth, says ICGF’s Gaurav Narain

Find out more about what is driving India’s growth to become the world’s third-biggest economy in seven years by watching this recording of Citywire’s virtual event with India Capital Growth.

March 2023