The Reading Room

Each month a member of the team reviews a book of their choosing, irrelevant of genre or publishing date.

The Outsiders

William M. Thorndike Jr

Published: 2012, Harvard Business Review Press

The Outsiders chronicles the unconventional techniques that led eight CEOs to outperform the S&P 500 by an astounding twenty times.

Shackleton’s Boat Journey

F.A. Worsley

Published: 1940, Philip Allan & Co. Ltd

On August 1, 1914, on the eve of World War I, Sir Ernest Shackleton and his hand-picked crew embarked in HMS Endurance from London’s West India Dock, for an expedition to the Antarctic. It was to turn into one of the most breathtaking survival stories of all time.

The Most Important Thing – Uncommon Sense for the Thoughtful Investor

Howard Marks

Published: 2011, Columbia University Press

Informed by a lifetime of experience and study, The Most Important Thing explains the keys to successful investment and the pitfalls that can destroy capital or ruin a career.