The Writing Room

We aim to keep our investors up to date with regular written pieces that discuss our portfolios and our views on the opportunity-set whilst using the exercise to clarify our thoughts.

Writing Room

HOODnote: India: Beyond the headlines

The Indian economy has been in the limelight as one of the few bright spots in an uncertain world. Some are even calling it ‘India’s decade’. Reforms, digitalisation, improving infrastructure and the government’s Make-in-India initiatives are some reasons backing the above.

May 2023

Proactive Investors: As India overtakes China as most populous country, how can you invest and is it attractive?

Oliver Haill

India is taking over from China as the most populous country in the world in the next few months, as confirmed by the UN Population Fund’s World Population Dashboard. As well as overtaking its neighbours over the Himalayas, the subcontinent has also improved as a place to invest. Oliver Hail investigates.

April 2023

Funds Global Asia: India ETFs – On a long-term elevated plane?

Piyasi Mitra

Unruffled by worldly turmoil, India’s stock market continues to grow. Piyasi Mitra considers ETFs that offer access for European investors.

April 2023