The Writing Room

We aim to keep our investors up to date with regular written pieces that discuss our portfolios and our views on the opportunity-set whilst using the exercise to clarify our thoughts.

Writing Room

Bloomberg UK: Wall Street Snubs China for India in a Historic Markets Shift

Investors are paying close attention to the contrasting trajectories of two of Asia’s greatest powers.
India, the world’s fastest growing major economy and China, who is grappling with chronic economic woes.

February 2024

The Times: Retail investors look for growth in India-focused funds

Private investors in Britain have been piling into Indian shares on the back of a strong market performance for the subcontinent.

Gaurav Narain, who runs the £165 million London-listed India Capital Growth Fund, speaks to The Times.

January 2024

Wealth Briefing: Playing India’s Growth Story

Tom Burroughes

Coinciding with recent Diwali celebrations in the Indian Community in the UK, Tom Burroughes speaks to India Capital Growth’s Guarav Narain about how India is a promising country to invest in and about the investment philosophy of the fund.

November 2023