The Reading Room

Each month a member of the team reviews a book of their choosing, irrelevant of genre or publishing date.

Essentialism: The disciplined pursuit of less

Greg McKeown

Published: 2014, Crown Business

Have you ever found yourself stretched too thin? Simultaneously felt overworked and underutilised? Felt busy but not productive? Does your day sometimes get hijacked by someone else’s agenda?

Slowly down the Ganges

Eric Newby

Published: 1966, Hodder and Stoughton

On his forty-forth birthday, Eric Newby sets out to travel the 1,200-mile length of India’s holy river. In a misguided attempt to keep him out of trouble, Wanda, his wife, is to be his fellow boatwoman. Their plan is to begin in the great plain of Hardwar and finish in the Bay of Bengal, but the journey almost immediately becomes...

Ethical dilemmas of a civil servant

Anil Swarup

Published: 2020, Unique Publishers

What are the challenges that hinders an officer’s pursuit of ethical conduct? Does it pay to remain ethical while the unethical, seemingly, rules the roost? These questions plague the thought process of every civil servant. This book is contextualises a framework that will help civil servants make a learned decision. It is an aid to help them find their moral...