The Writing Room

We aim to keep our investors up to date with regular written pieces that discuss our portfolios and our views on the opportunity-set whilst using the exercise to clarify our thoughts.

Writing Room

HOODnote: India is an investment, not a trade

2022 was a great year for India in relative terms especially against other emerging markets. As we enter 2023, two questions dominate the thought process:

  • Will India be able to deliver on earnings expectations – running at 14-15% p.a. earnings growth for the market over the next two years?
  • Can the elevated valuations (both absolute and relative) be justified?
February 2023

CityWire Funds Insider: The big winners and even bigger losers from a shocking 2022

Gavin Lumsden

Gavin Lumsden examines the 2022 markets, and with tables from Numis Securities, lists India Capital Growth as a “big riser” Equity Investment Company under the Energy and Commodity section.

January 2023

Funds Europe: Emerging markets – India the safest haven of the BRICS?

Piyasi Mitra

Since the acronym was coined, much has changed in some of the countries that make up the ‘BRICS’.  Piyasi Mitra considers why India may be the standout.

December 2022